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Its Alive!

I’m proud to say that a little ECMA script code I wrote is helping Ubergizmo with their liveblog! The version they’re using is about two versions ahead of what’s in the public repository at github. I’ve been lazy about merging … Continue reading

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BattleHex: Ideal Tabletop Dice Rolling

Look at it! Just look at it! Its practically invisible! I spec’d out the size and shape and angles, but the craftsmen at Tap Plastics did a great job filling in the details. They talked me into bending the walls instead of cutting … Continue reading

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After reviewing comments on my articles for the past year or so, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have enough real readers to justify moderating the comments. So far the score stands at 1111 Spam, 0 reader comments. … Continue reading

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Tiramisu for Caesars

I’ve started playing Risk Legacy with a bunch of like-minded nerdy, competitive, and slightly obsessive friends on weekends. Somehow the hosts get suckered into cooking dinner for everyone every week, and so the rest of us pitch in with some of … Continue reading

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Hardware Enbugging

Its been a while since I’ve tried soldering anything, but tonight I gave it a whirl — a simple sound-to-light LED kit. I just wanted to warm up my mad skillz on a $6 kit before I tackle a Speak-and-Spell … Continue reading

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